Mistakes while Metal Detecting for Different Targets

Metal detecting is exciting because you get to find hidden treasures and enjoy the adventure of searching for something special.

But remember, like any hobby, there can be challenges and mistakes to watch out for. People often make mistakes while metal detecting for different targets that often lead them to failure.

In today’s guide we will help you with mistakes while metal detecting for different targets so that you are better informed about them and know what steps to take to ensure that you do not repeat the mistakes.

As you go on your metal detecting journey, I recommend arming yourself with knowledge and avoiding these common blunders to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience.

Mistakes to Avoid While Coin Detection

  • Rushing Your Search: When searching for coins, it’s important to take your time and sweep your detector slowly and methodically. Because coins are very small and metal detectors often have some difficulties in detecting them due to their placement angles.

Rushing through your search will increase your chances of missing potential targets.

  • Not Pinpointing Targets Accurately: Once you receive a signal from your detector, it’s important to pinpoint the target accurately before digging. You can also use a pinpointer device for that instead of relying on metal detectors internal pinpointer feature.

This will help you avoid digging unnecessary holes and damaging potential finds.

  • Digging Too Deep: When digging for coins, it’s important to use a small digging tool and dig carefully to avoid damaging the coins or the surrounding area. As the coins have been there for ages and have become fragile due to underground conditions and passage of time.

Besides these target-related mistakes here are some common metal-detecting mistakes which you should avoid.

Avoiding Common Mistakes While Unearthing Treasures

  • Not Researching Your Target Area: Before heading out to search for treasures, it’s important to research the area you’ll be visiting. 

This will help you identify potential target areas and learn about the types of objects that have been found in the area in the past.

  • Using the Wrong Equipment: Different metal detectors excel in different terrains and target depths. 

I recommend investing in a detector that aligns with your specific goals and search environments.

  • Sweeping Your Detector Too Fast: When sweeping your detector, it’s important to maintain a consistent and slow pace.

Sweeping too fast will increase your chances of missing potential targets.

Mistakes While Gold Hunting

  • Not Understanding Gold Signals: Gold’s signal can be faint and easily overlooked. Using a metal detector specially designed for discriminating between other metals and gold you can avoid this. Alternatively you can find out what noise your detector makes when finding gold and be on the lookout for that noise.

I recommend familiarizing yourself with the different types of gold signals and how to interpret them.

I suggest researching the geology of your target area to identify potential gold-bearing locations.

  • Not Using the Right Tools: Gold hunting often requires specialized tools, such as a gold pan and a sluice box. It is important to thoroughly research what tools you will be needing before starting your journey according to the location and terrain and weather conditions.

I recommend investing in the right tools to increase your chances of success.

Learn about common technical mistakes people make and how you can avoid them here.


Metal detecting offers an exciting opportunity to uncover hidden treasures and connect with history. 

Now that you understand the common mistakes while metal detecting for different targets you are more likely to be on the lookout for them and improve you metal detecting experience so that your chances of making remarkable discoveries increase significantly.

Happy hunting!

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